• Workato Integration Service

    Sync Intacct with 100+ other cloud applications in just a few minutes. No coding required.

  • Workato is a powerful yet flexible integration tool that lets you create integrations easily. Sync Intacct with 100+ other cloud applications in just a few minutes. On the Workato platform, you can choose from over 25,000 pre-built integrations, or build a highly customized one easily. With our simple web-based drag-and-drop user interface, we make integrations easy for non technical users. Workato integrations, or what we call recipes, filter out bad data, eliminate duplicates and can sync in both directions. They support multi-level data with line items and extensive formulae for powerful data mapping.

    Key Benefits:

    • Click-and-Run 
    Integrating with Workato is just within clicks! No coding knowledge required, or months of development work.
    • Sync both ways
    ​Seamless bi-directional syncs means your Intacct data is always consistent with your other apps.
    • Eliminate data duplication
    Workato recipes check if the data is already exist before creating a new record. This eliminates duplicate data in your apps.
    • Processes line items easily
    Easily sync records with multiple line items, or complex CSV files with repeating structures. Workato handles complex data structures beautifully.
    • Have it your way
    Pre-built integrations from app vendors are limited and take-it-or-leave-it. Workato recipes are highly customizable so you can connect your apps the way you want it.

    Powerful Integrations For Your Accounting Apps

    System Requirements:

    $499/month for Professional edition

    Workato is an award-winning cloud automation and integration platform with enterprise-grade capabilities and no coding required. Workato seamlessly integrates with over 150 business applications and enables task automation across all those apps. The team comes from a deep background in building integration products and will continue to expand and change the automation and integration space.

    Phone: (844) 469-6752
    Website: http://resources.workato.com/intacct-integrations/
    Year Founded: 2012
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