• American Express Corporate Card Payment Service

    Pay vendors more easily and securely via your American Express Card

  • Key Benefits:

    Better corporate card payments

    Easy maintenance: Update your card information in one place.
    Card control: Only pay with the corporate card you specify.
    One-time use card number: Vendor’s get a card number they can only use on the current transaction, rather than your actual card number.

    Integrated workflow

    Automated payment triggering: Choose to either automatically or manually send payments after approval.
    Automated GL posting (optional): Automatically update the general ledger after payments are sent.
    Intacct Accounts Payable integration: Make payments from within your Intacct Accounts Payable workflow.

    Greater security, lower risk

    One-time account data transmission: Send SSL-encrypted account information only during setup—never during payment transactions.
    Proven infrastructure: Process payments through the secure American Express payment infrastructure.

    Vendor Payment Services Pricing: https://us.intacct.com/vendor-payment-services-pricing

    System Requirements:



    Sage Intacct and American Express Vendor Payment Services

    Simplicity and control for smarter payment management

    Processing and tracking payments, whether check or ACH, can add headaches and complexity to your financial workflow. With Intacct Check Delivery Service and American Express ACH Payment Service built on the American Express Global Corporate Payments infrastructure, you automate your check or electronic payment runs to speed up the process, saving you time and money, while also reducing risk.

    No more wasted time with payment busy work

    Say goodbye to the frustrations of printing and mailing checks, as well as creating NACHA files for your bank ACH. The Intacct Check Delivery Service lets you generate checks against your bank accounts and have them printed and mailed for you. With American Express ACH Payment Service, you just select and send payments—that’s it. Intacct automatically tracks and updates your payment status.

    Fast, self-service setup

    You don’t need to change your bank, and you won’t be waiting on IT or bank customer service help to setup vendor payment services. You can enable the services by selecting them on your Intacct subscriptions page. You simply choose the services you want on the configuration page and configure vendors and bank accounts for the service. You’ll know you’re ready to go when you receive a confirmation.

    Designed with security in mind

    Built on the American Express Global Corporate Payments infrastructure, Intacct Check Delivery Service and American Express ACH Payment Service are secure from the ground up. Bank account info—which is transmitted only once, during setup—is secure and encrypted.

    Phone: (877) 437-7765
    Website: https://us.intacct.com/vendor-payment-services-pricing
    Year Founded: 1999
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