• Nexonia Time Allocation

    Report percentages of working time spent on different projects with a single monthly entry.

  • Often, all you need is to allocate percentages of your employee’s month to the work that they do, instead of having your employees to manually record the number of working hours every month. This is especially true for engineering teams at software companies. That's why we've created Time Allocation! Certain types of professionals don't need the detailed hourly breakdowns made simple by our Timesheets system. For software engineers and other tech professionals, the Time Allocation application accounts for time spent on specific task categories or projects as a percentage of employees' total monthly working time. All your software engineers have to do is input tas many projects as they worked on, put the percentage of their time spent on each project, and click "Submit". Simple for employees to use, while still providing necessary information to administrators, with time visualized in a handy pie chart. That's it. Easy, isn't it? We make sure to keep track of that by displaying your off days or hours directly on your Time Allocation display. Now it will take a few minutes to run reports on the working time breakdowns, and even allocate salary accordingly.

    Key Benefits:
    Report percentages of working time spent on different projects with a single monthly entry. Great for software engineering teams!

    • Give your engineers a single monthly page to allocate their time by percentage
    • Support whatever approval process you'd like
    • Take time off into account (vacations or sick days)
    • Run reports to Excel of time breakdown
    • Provide project cost accounting and capitalization data in seconds

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Web Services;

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    Founded in 2002, Nexonia provides a flexible cloud-based web and mobile solution that makes corporate expense reports easy, efficient and automatic. Built with busy financial and operations leaders in mind, Nexonia’s full product suite consolidates corporate spending, time tracking, purchasing and payables in one convenient online portal.  While Nexonia’s ERP, travel management and credit card integrations are ahead of the curve, it is their passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives them forward.  Serving over 900 companies in 18 different countries worldwide, Nexonia has a wide breadth of customers and partners in every industry.

    Phone: (800) 291-4829
    Website: http://www.nexonia.com
    Year Founded: 2002
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