• Avails Rights Manager

    Enterprise-wide rights and contract management for maximum asset exploitation.

  • Avails Contracts and Rights Management solution provides a powerful, real-time view of contractual data, including rights-in and rights-out information. By clearly highlighting all rights in play, Avails enables global sales teams to identify and exploit each and every revenue opportunity.

    Integrated with the FilmTrack platform’s digital vault, Avails securely stores sensitive financial data such as royalties, gross receipts and minimum guarantees, making it quick and easy to track critical documents.

    Comprehensive contract management features include ‘one-click’ document and cash management creation tools to streamline back office processes and optimize productivity.

    Key Benefits:
    FilmTrack’s Avails module supports distribution and acquisition contract rights management and enables our clients to manage IP availability tracking by asset/title, licensor/licensee, date, media type, territory, language, exclusivity, channel, etc.  Restriction tracking provides the ability to perform clearance reporting with client-specific, configurable and hierarchical rights and territories data.  Avails also offers full contract administration in easy-to-organize entry screens.

    • Real-time availability reports accessible on any browser-based device
    • Full contract administration in easy-to-organize entry screens
    • Sales acquisition tracking by title, territory, media type and language
    • Customizable reporting features 150+ configurable rights and availability reports
    • Integrated vault for digital file storage and data integrity powered by StarCM
    • Sales history tracking including invoiced and paid amounts by title, contract and customer
    • Availability tracking by title, distributor, media type, territory and language
    • Automated contract generation with custom-built contract templates
    • Search for rights-in and rights-out data based on territories, rights and a variety of other project metadata types
    • Identify “open windows” (both exclusive and non-exclusive) to fully exploit all assets in play
    • Report templates designed specifically for external stakeholders
    • Easy access to availability information at global Film Markets
    • Searchable format allows for easy cross-referencing of contracts
    • Access customized contracts and templates in variety of Microsoft Office Suite formats

    System Requirements:


    FilmTrack is the Global Standard in Enterprise Contract and Rights Management Software. Our cloud-enabled solution suite streamlines the complex intellectual property management lifecycle–from project inception to distribution. FilmTrack's integrated SaaS platform provides a holistic view into all critical data supporting rights, availabilities, contracts, invoicing, licensing, revenue recognition, royalties and workflow management.


    Phone: (877) 992-9466
    Website: http://filmtrack.com/
    Year Founded: 2000
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