• StarCM Content Manager

    StarCM Content Manager is the central content management hub that "powers" other modules.

  • StarCM is the foundation of the FilmTrack platform and the central content management hub that “powers” other modules. StarCM captures title information including all related metadata with more than 500+ configurable fields.

    StarCM is the foundational module of FilmTrack’s cloud-based SaaS platform and provides immediate access to mission critical data — anytime, anywhere. StarCM is easy to deploy and integrate with other systems and enables a centralized, single source of truth. StarCM is part of FilmTrack’s integrated modules and supports complete content lifecycle from - ideation to exploitation and is designed to be part of an extensible ecosystem architected to connect and scale to your needs. StarCM offers robust reporting and analytic tools.

    Key Benefits:

    • Offers unlimited hierarchies which support film, television, video, etc. including: series, season, episodes, clips, photos, music. 
    • Easily configurable and able to track “as much” or “as little” title metadata as needed.
    • Contains a digital “vault” for content storage (video files, trailers, key art, marketing materials, photographs, clips, etc)
    • End-to-end management of projects across every point in the content lifecycle — from inception to distribution
    • Flexible and configurable solution adaptable to specific business needs
    • Supplies metadata and assets for development of websites, portals and dashboards
    • Enables end-users across geographically dispersed locations to quickly and easily access data whenever and wherever they need it
    • Drives productivity and efficiency by eliminating need for redundant systems and tools
    The integration of Intacct and FilmTrack provides a comprehensive, cloud-based platform for metadata, rights, financial, and accounting management information, providing full visibility across the entire content value chain from creation to revenue recognition. The integrated solution will support Metadata Management, Rights and Clearances, Avails, Revenue Recognition, Acquisition and Distribution Management, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, PO/Accounts Payable, Cash Management, and Reporting/Analytics.


    System Requirements:


    FilmTrack is the Global Standard in Enterprise Contract and Rights Management Software. Our cloud-enabled solution suite streamlines the complex intellectual property management lifecycle–from project inception to distribution. FilmTrack's integrated SaaS platform provides a holistic view into all critical data supporting rights, availabilities, contracts, invoicing, licensing, revenue recognition, royalties and workflow management.


    Phone: (877) 992-9466
    Website: http://filmtrack.com/
    Year Founded: 2000
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