• Scribe Online for Intacct and MS Dynamics CRM

    Scribe Online enables integration with a variety of applications and data sources without coding.

  • Scribe Online offers a cloud-based integration solution that maximizes your Intacct and Dynamics CRM investment by supporting key customer-related business processes that span these applications. The solution empowers Intacct and Dynamics CRM by identifying and sharing customer-focused information, making it all work for you- where you need it, when you need it. The Intacct and Dynamics CRM StarterPack is a highly functional “starting point” that supports business processes for Customer, Order Entry, Invoice and Items. The great news is that this StarterPack can be extended and customized to meet your unique needs without ANY coding. Additionally, Scribe offers an extensive list of Connectors, all of which can be used for no-coding integration with Intacct.

    Key Benefits:

    • Intacct connectivity to a variety of sources including Text, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, ConnectWise and Dynamics CRM regardless of whether it is in the cloud, hosted or on-premise. 
    • Flexibility enables extensive customization to meet customer’s unique needs without any coding.
    • Collaboration features enables customers and their implementation partners to efficiently work together.
    • Advanced Preview/troubleshooting capabilities for managing integrations via a browser from ‘anywhere’.
    • Cost effective, usage based pricing.
    • Automate the setup and maintenance of master data so information matches between multiple systems such as CRM and operations.
    • Eliminate manual entering of data into secondary systems.
    • Simplify working processes in an organization by having one key entry point.
    • Offer sales, operations, and financial executives real-time access to the same data.
    • Reduce the time it takes to send invoices, which leads to better cash management.

    Free trial available. Request More Info here.

    System Requirements:

    Annual subscription fee based on usage. Free trial available.

    Intacct Connector
    The Intacct Connector for Scribe Online provides a code-free interface for establishing an automated connection between Intacct and a wide variety of other systems and file types. Organizations will no longer need to know how to write code to interface with the API, nor will they have to manually massage data files into a prescribed format before importing.
    Built By: Massey Consulting Inc. for Intacct
    Works with: Scribe Online
    Distributed by: Scribe Software

    Scribe is an established global provider of solutions that easily bring customer data anywhere it is needed – regardless of IT infrastructure. Scribe’s award-winning products help 12,000 customers and 1,000 partners use customer data – cloud-based, on-premise or a mix – to increase revenue, provide superior service, and create business value faster. It’s easy-to-use, enterprise-ready solutions are backed by extensive support options and training, and service customers across a wide array of industries including financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, and media and entertainment companies.  

    Phone: (603) 622-5109 x1
    Website: http://www.scribesoft.com/intacct
    Year Founded: 1996
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