• Nexonia Expenses

    Save time & money by automating expense reporting with the deepest Intacct integration in the market

  • Nexonia Expenses is an automated expense management solution, built for Intacct, that gives busy financial leaders like you the tools and teams to get your T&E spending under control. Flexible approval workflows, best-in-market Intacct integration, and full service support by phone and online will help get you from manual reporting to fully-compliant spending. Our Nexonia Expense app for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry 10 makes it easy to submit and approve expenses, anywhere, anytime.

    Key Benefits:
    Nexonia Expenses: Built for Intacct

    Built precisely with Intacct in mind, Nexonia Expenses connects directly and accurately with your Intacct ERP.  Using Intacct’s open API, our team delivers the most complete expense and time management integration on the market.  Choose Nexonia and get:

    • Automatic T&E policy enforcement
    • End to end expense solution, from filing expenses to approvals
    • Automated VAT/GST/HST & multi-currency calculations
    • Powerful web and mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry)
    • Enhanced visibility into spending and employee time
    • Custom configuration and refinement of application settings
    • User driven items, coded against the dimensions you require
    • Manage billable and non-billable, out of pocket or company paid expenses
    • Expense categories mapped against your chart of accounts
    • Integration with credit cards, ERPs, accounting programs, payroll systems, travel management systems
    • Digital receipt management
    • No software installation
    • Our team of experts helping you at every step, with full training and support included
    About Nexonia Expenses
    Managing business and travel expenses can be a hassle for administrators and staff, but with Nexonia Expenses, you'll streamline your employee expense reporting process. With features like flexible approvals, customization to your corporate travel expense policy, and Intacct integration, you'll save time and money when managing expenses and speed up expense reimbursement for employees. Plus, our expense tracking apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry 10 make it easy to submit and approve expenses from anywhere.
    Benefits for Administrators
    • Timely and correctly submitted expenses
    • Approvals customized to your corporate expense policies
    • Paperless, fast processing
    • Automated integration with your other business applications: travel management, ERP, online storage, online payment systems, etc.
    • Full training and support by phone and online
    Benefits for Executives & Business Owners
    • Total visibility on spending at any moment in time
    • Reduction in time spent manually processing expense reports
    • Access to all related information from whenever you are
    • Ability to analyze your business expenses the way you want with custom reports
    • Integrated financial data: credit card feeds, international VAT, multi-currency
    Benefits for Employees
    • Intuitive and powerful mobile apps make it easy to do expense reports from anywhere
    • Streamlined approval process and spending policies
    • Quick expense reimbursement  

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Web Services;
    Internet Explorer (6+)

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    Founded in 2002, Nexonia provides a flexible cloud-based web and mobile solution that makes corporate expense reports easy, efficient and automatic. Built with busy financial and operations leaders in mind, Nexonia’s full product suite consolidates corporate spending, time tracking, purchasing and payables in one convenient online portal.  While Nexonia’s ERP, travel management and credit card integrations are ahead of the curve, it is their passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives them forward.  Serving over 900 companies in 18 different countries worldwide, Nexonia has a wide breadth of customers and partners in every industry.

    Phone: (800) 291-4829
    Website: http://www.nexonia.com
    Year Founded: 2002
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