• Nexonia Time Off

    Manage your employees’ PTO (vacations, sick days, holidays, etc.) effectively with Nexonia Time Off.

  • NEXONIA TIME OFF Nexonia Time Off system was designed to track your employees’ vacations, sick days and other paid time off. Our simple and intuitive interface allows you to plan and request vacations throughout the year, submit sick days or days off, and visually track how much time off is available until the end of the year. For an administrator, Nexonia Time Off is a huge help in managing the vacation calendar and tracking other paid time off for the whole organization! You'll nolonger risk having an entire department taking a vacation at once, and you won't overlook a couple of sick days. You’ll always have the information you need, easily accessible at a glance. The Time Off system is an independent module, and it can also complement Nexonia Timesheets and Time Allocation modules to become a part of Nexonia’s time tracking system.

    Key Benefits:

    Plan and request vacations throughout the year, submit sick days or days off and visually track how much time off is still available.
    • Managers can approve or reject requested vacations, and easily control time off at the department or company level
    • Approved time off shows up in Intacct
    • Employees can access and manage their time off at a glance, without asking HR/Admin
    • Support for accrual rules and carry-over time, according to your corporate policy 
    • Acts as an independent module, but can complement Nexonia Timesheets and Time Allocation
    • Very fast to implement
    • Highly configurable

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Web Services;
    Internet Explorer (6+)

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    Founded in 2002, Nexonia provides a flexible cloud-based web and mobile solution that makes corporate expense reports easy, efficient and automatic. Built with busy financial and operations leaders in mind, Nexonia’s full product suite consolidates corporate spending, time tracking, purchasing and payables in one convenient online portal.  While Nexonia’s ERP, travel management and credit card integrations are ahead of the curve, it is their passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives them forward.  Serving over 900 companies in 18 different countries worldwide, Nexonia has a wide breadth of customers and partners in every industry.

    Phone: (800) 291-4829
    Website: http://www.nexonia.com
    Year Founded: 2002
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